Platter “Ocean”


The unique, delicate speckles adorning the exquisite dinnerware, brought to life by the reactive glaze and vibrant hues, bestow upon these pieces an extraordinary, enchanting beauty. The neutral color palette unfolds a warm, earthy elegance, enriching every meal, be it a cozy afternoon snack or the morning breakfast. The meticulously high-fired finishing glaze lends each piece a distinctive character, ensuring reliable, safe usage for daily endeavors.

Crafted in the time-honored ceramic workshops of Portugal, each product is lovingly hand-glazed by skilled ceramicists. This artistic handcrafting ensures that each unit varies slightly in color and design, making every piece a unique work of art that elegantly enriches the dining culture.

Dishwasher, microwave- and oven safe to 225 degrees

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Dimensions 4,1 × 0,85 cm

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