Necklace Surfboard


Back to the roots

In our newest products we combined our passion for surfing with the thought of our deep connection to earth and our roots. Wherever we come from this impacts how we live and design our lives and future.
These pieces are designed from roots that we found along the coastline of Portugal.

Portugal is a country with extreme drought in the summer, which can lead to horrible fires. For precaution trees are being cut and the soil is dug all over the national park on the west coast. Due to this fire prevention roots are laid bare. We collect these roots and form them into unique, custom-made jewellery.

Each piece has a magnificent pattern or wood structure and is beautifully shaped into a meaningful form or surfboard. We believe it holds the power of nature inside. Let your heart speak and chooses the one that speaks to your soul.

Size: 65x15x3mm

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 2 cm

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