Hello, my name is Michael Dragaschnig.

I am a photographer from Portugal.

Originally I come from Austria. I was born in Villach and grew up in Wernberg/ Carinthia. Professionally I am an electrician. I worked in a big factory for seven years. And I hated it. Friends of mine travelled a lot. They were part of the snowboard scene in Austria and I always felt like I was missing out something doing this job. So I quit and decided to become a photographer.

That’s why I am in Portugal now. Doing what I love and enjoying this beautiful country every day.

How I ended up here? Ten years ago I came to Portugal the first time. Immediately I fell in love with this place, the surf, the sea, the people and the beautiful nature. After finishing my studies at the Academy of Photography in Graz there were no questions asked. I moved to Portugal.

After years of photography for many surf schools in the area I started a new business in Vale da Telha. The small village is close to the surfspots Arrifana, Monte Clerigo and Amoreira.

You can see the result on this website. Have a good time and enjoy.

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