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We have over 50 different beautiful wood prints for sale.

Wood print from arbo arto. The story of each wood print is- as the product itself- very special. The photos for these prints are taken all over Portugal. The wood base is pine- that is carved and sanded. Mainly, the differences in the wood structure ensure, that every picture is unique. The print is manufactured in Lisbon and kept in black and white. On the backside is a hole to hang it up. Buy a unique print today!


Looking behind I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward I am filled with vision. Looking upwards I am filled with strength. Looking within I discover peace.


arbo arto

presents a high quality of products and outstanding services.
Our shared values conduct our actions. We want to work towards a sustainable future.


we are developing, we are growing, we are learning and we are grateful. By purchasing one of our products, being our partners or supporters for many years you helped us to work for a better future.
Thank you!


we buy locally, we invest in local organisations and partners and we are responsible for our actions. Our main drive is the nature around us- our environment and the planet we live on.


as an active member of our community we want to stand behind our products and lead towards a bright, stable and sustainable future.

I have been happily working with ArboArto for many years now. The products have a high quality and are easily sold in my store. I can only recommend it!

Great work from ArboArto! The incredible photos, the wood work and also the clothes, everything and every detail makes the difference. I like so much the concept of using sustainable materials and give them a new life and use. I love the hoodies!!!

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Social Responsibility

Local Material
The wood for our prints is found locally or is sustainably sourced in Portugal. One of my main priorities is the usage of local and eco- friendly materials.

Local Production
We feel socially responsible for the environment we live in. Providing new job opportunities and preserving the quality of our environment is of great importance to us. We do this by keeping every step of the production here in Portugal.

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